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Provide real-time information on bed occupancy status across hospital departments and wards for clinical teams.

Standardize the hospital referral system by allowing member hospitals to request and accept transfers online before in-patients are moved.

Allow patients to ascertain bed occupancy at hospitals before arrival in order to reduce the time spent by patients going between hospitals during an emergency situation, in search of available beds

Why Apomden?

Reassuringly Secure!

We take security seriously here at Apomden, and we are proud to put in the most secure systems when it comes to protecting patient data. We are also proud to say we are HIPAA compliant.

Blazing Fast!

Apomden is designed to help health facilities manage the bed flow with as much ease as possible.

Realtime Tracking!

No need to wait long times, queue or manually count patients in wards. The Apomden software does it all in realtime.

Why does Ghana need this now?

#NoBedSyndrome Claiming Lives

There are hundreds of deaths that have resulted from bed unavailability in specific hospitals when other hospitals have vacant beds.

Bed Management Inefficiencies

Improving the bed management system will be the equivalent of adding 5000 more doctors into the system.

Hospitals Don't Share Data

Because hospitals don’t share data, patient transfer is much harder to execute. 

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